The world’s only adaptive ultrasound pad


Improve your diagnosis

  • Prevents image deformation due to compression of tissues by probe pressure
  • Provides full, uninterrupted images with fewer artifacts, even when scanning bony surfaces
  • Increases image contrast of superficial structures 
  • Enhances consistency in results from operators with different degrees of experience
  • Facilitates proper standards of care for ultrasound-guided interventions

Optimize procedures

  • Ensures continuous contact with the skin throughout the procedure, even on bony surfaces
  • Moves smoothly with the probe
  • Accelerates image acquisition in challenging areas 
  • Reduces gel re-application
  • Protects the probe
  • Allows dynamic shift of focus

Ensure patient comfort

  •  Enables reduced pressure to avoid compressing sensitive areas
  • Requires less gel


Adaptive shape

  • The adaptive shape that maximizes the contact of the probe with the skin
  • Made of highly flexible and robust latex-free material
    • Sustains up to 20kg of pressure


  • Compatible with any coupling agent
    • ultrasound gel
    • water
    • antiseptic
  • Suitable for all standard transducers
  • Easy and quick to set up and remove 

See the aiSon Focus effect!


Instructions for use

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