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aison™ technologies

aiSon™ FOCUS

The world's only adaptive ultrasound pad

Features of
aiSon™ FOCUS:

Because the aiSon FOCUS is connected directly to the ultrasound probe, you can focus more on the ultrasound images, increasing productivity.

Because the aiSon FOCUS works with all standard ultrasound probes, it allows you complete freedom so you could focus more on getting the most out of your ultrasound device.

Because the aiSon FOCUS is made of highly adaptable material, the ultrasound probe makes the most contact with the patient’s body, so you could focus on the improved image quality.

Because of the aiSon FOCUS, excessive use of ultrasound gel to see the relevant anatomies is no longer needed, allowing you to focus more on your diagnoses.

Because the aiSon FOCUS can dynamically shift the focus point (point of highest resolution) of the ultrasound probe, you could focus more on the ultrasound examination’s intuitive flow.

Because of the aiSon FOCUS, applying excessive pressure to examine the underlying anatomy precisely is no longer necessary, allowing you to focus on improving your patients’ comfort during the ultrasound examination.

Because the aiSon FOCUS protects your ultrasound probe from bacteria and viruses, you could focus more on your ultrasound examination without anxiety.

Why we developed
aiSon™ FOCUS:

Because the body has a very complex shape, while the ultrasound probe has a stiff surface. This means that some areas on the body are very hard to scan with ultrasound. This results in incomplete and/or bad-quality images.

How the aiSon™ FOCUS works

The world’s only adaptive ultrasound pad that is smooth, efficient, and can be quickly attached to the probe, and is ready for use within seconds. 

Curious to know on how the
aiSon™ FOCUS works?

Can be used to ease the process of ultrasound scanning in multiple areas

  • not to put any pressure on the skull of a baby
  • less gel application when scanning babies’ hips
  • the availability to use warm gel on newborns without spending much on expensive sterile gels  
  • no pressure or contact on hands
  • higher scanning efficiency
  • veins are neither compressed nor squeezed but readily visible
  • no excessive use of ultrasound gel
  • regelling process is less, resulting in workflow optimization 
  • thorough scanning of skin alterations
  • to shield the ultrasound probe from bacteria
  • smoothen a noisy echocardiogram
  • provide a clearer signal 
  • scanning of male and female urogenital organs to get a bigger picture of the surroundings and geometry without compressing the anatomy
  • scanning of Achilles tendon, joints, ankle, elbow, and shoulder
  • higher image quality
  • saving time on the ultrasound procedure due to the less frequency of the re-gelling process
  • avoiding the extra process of lifting the skin of skinny patients since the contact of the ultrasound probe with the patient’s skin is maximized using the aiSon FOCUS
  • difficult areas to scan (e.g. neck behind the ears, face)  is easier with the aiSon FOCUS
  • the pain is reduced when scanning damaged, irritated or inflamed nerves as no pressure is needed with the use of aiSon FOCUS 
ultrasound pad

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Production of the aiSon™ FOCUS

A highly trained team manufactures our aiSon™ FOCUS in Aison™ Technologies' laboratory office to ensure that it is safe, clean, and of the highest quality.



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