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Propulsion Academy: 12-week Data Science Immersive Program

Aison Technologies – ML based segmentation of soft tissues from ultrasound images. Ultrasound (US) has become an increasingly popular tool for visualizing soft tissue in all areas of medicine. However, the task of identifying tissues such as fat, muscle….

Winning teams of the 2019 Global Challenge

Caressoma is stirring up the medical world. Innovating with latest medical technology and machine learning, we are working on a full-fledged solution to prevent sports injuries in high-performance sports. With SonIt, we are at the forefront of what can be done for training….

Successful women entrepreneurs portrayed - Sophia Borowka

We hear far more from men in management positions than from women, and women entrepreneurs are just as good at it as their male colleagues. That’s why we talked to Sophia Borowka, CEO and co-founder of Caressoma. In an interview, she tells us what she means by success..


IT Award at Virginia Tech Global Entrepreneurship Challenge 2019

25’000 USD Microsoft for Startups Support


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