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Aison Pro

Bring your ultrasound measurements to the next level and increase your diagnostic yield.

Meet the first AI powered upgrade to your ultrasound device.


3D multiplanar

Sub-millimeter precise


Full hand

Overcoming the Operator Dependence

Ultrasound is one of the most readily available versatile medical technologies. And being close to the patient and able to dynamically examine the body is one of its prime features. This allows for important qualitative information, but when it comes to quantification, to comparing the disease or lesion state to the first meeting with the patient, ultrasound fails miserably. Ultrasound measurements and their interpretation also require a much longer training.

A standardized x-ray, CT or MRI image has the advantage that you know that the 10th patient has a problem if you see something in that picture that you’ve not seen in the 9 previous ones. With ultrasound, you don’t have this kind of endorphine release. 

It is because of this that we are developing the Aison Pro.

Standardized Precise Images

The hand is a very complex and highly-utilized organ. You want to:

  • Monitor the disease or lesion status of your patient
  • Quantify rather than qualify
  • Have a good basis for the case documentation

which results in

  • High intra-rater agreement
  • High inter-rater agreement
  • Operator independence
  • Concise and comprehensive treatment decisions .

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Full Multiplanar Images of the Hand

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