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Imaging Complex Shapes with Ultrasound

The body has a very complex shape, while the ultrasound probe has a stiff surface. This means that some areas on the body are very hard to scan with ultrasound. This results in incomplete and/or bad quality images.

How it works

A customized ultrasound probeholder will be easily clicked onto the ultrasound device. The AISON PAD can then equally smooth, efficient, and quickly be clicked into the probeholder and is so ready for use within seconds. 

  • Easy to install/replace. 
  • Maximizes contact with skin.
  • High-quality images. 
  • Applicable on/suitable for all body parts. 
  • Moves together with ultrasound head. 
  • Bridges over difficult anatomies.

It is safe, easy to clean, simple to stow away and gives an agreeable feeling to the patient.

Application Domains

Can be used to ease the process of ultrasound scanning in multiple areas such as: 

  • Pediatrics: fontanel assessment on a baby-skull
  • Rheumatology: scanning fingers and hands without any burden
  • Orthopedics: pointy bones/joints f.e. Achilles tendon, femoral head, 
  • Obstetrics: smoothly scanning sensitive areas as breasts/nipples
  • Dermatology: checking on nail fungus


The best way to experience our Aison Pad is to request for a demo. Contact us now and discover more of the product. 

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