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The award-winning research of Dr. Getzmann is now available to the public

Dr. Getzmann's award-winning research (collaboration with Aison™ Technologies) titled "Comparison of AI-powered 3D automated ultrasound tomography with standard handheld ultrasound for the visualization of the hands—clinical proof of concept" was recently published in the Journal of International Skeletal Society. The main objective of the research is to assess the ability of a newly developed AI-powered ultrasound 3D hand scanner to visualize joint structures in healthy hands and detect degenerative changes in cadaveric hands.

Dr. Getzmann's award-winning research, in collaboration with Aison™ Technologies

Aison™ Technologies is excited to share with you our exclusive interview with Dr. Jonas Getzmann. Learn how his study on 3D ultrasound tomography earned him the prestigious "International Skeletal Society's Early Career Grant."

Aison™ Technologies participated at Medica 2021 event

Aison™ Technologies is pleased to take part in this year's MEDICA 2021 exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany. Thank you again to everyone who stopped by our booth. We were pleased to gather much interest from medical imaging device manufacturers and worldwide distributors in our aiSon™ FOCUS – an ultrasound stand-off pad for better images.

The aiSon™ FOCUS Introductory video

Watch the latest introductory video of our aiSon™ FOCUS. The aiSon™ FOCUS is a stand-off pad that is specifically designed for the needs of sonography. The materials used ensure that it achieves the best acoustic qualities.

ultrasound pad

aiSon™ FOCUS Demo video

Introducing Aison™ Technologies' aiSon™ FOCUS - a standoff ultrasound pad that helps you to maximize the contact of the ultrasound head with your patient's body. It is specifically designed for the needs of sonography. Curious about how it works? Contact us for a demo!

Production of aiSon™ FOCUS takes off

We are excited to announce that after completing the last steps of regulatory approval, the production of our exceptional aiSon™ FOCUS is ramping up. aiSon™ FOCUS is a stand-alone ultrasound pad that is smooth, efficient, and can quickly be attached to the probe, and is ready for use within seconds.

aison™ Technologies new office location

We've been in our new office with integrated laboratory in Schlieren, Switzerland, since the beginning of June, where we'll continue to develop and bring to market a range of solutions that accelerate your ultrasound procedures.

Commercial available solutions

avoidance of misdiagnoses

The aiSon™ FOCUS avoids missing vital information by not compressing the synovial fluid or other pathological superficial fluid collections.

Improve the quality of diagnosis

The aiSon™ FOCUS' adaptive surface helps to improve ultrasound image quality and eliminates the need to exert pressure.

Pain reduction for the patient

The aiSon™ FOCUS simplifies the diagnosis in acute trauma with open or closed fractures when affected area is sensitive to pain or nerve lesions.

Precise 3D image creation

The aiSon™ 3D helps to surrogate parameter for rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis and increases image resolution.

AI-driven recognition of anatomies

The aiSon™ 3D has AI-driven robotic autonomous ultrasound scan that brings your ultrasound measurements to the next level and increases your diagnostic yield.


The aiSon™ STANDARDIZE will prompt you with standardized ultrasound images to interpret. As a result, you’ll be more productive because you’ll be able to reduce the amount of re-scans and patient wait times.


The aiSon™ STANDARDIZE will help in determining which body parts the ultrasound images belong to take less time. As a result, you’ll be able to devote more time to encouraging increased patient connection and more confident outcomes.

About the company

Aison Technologies strives to build innovative products that make your day-to-day sonography life easier. 

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