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Swisstrade featured aiSon™ FOCUS CE conformity and opening of subsidiary branch

Aison™ Technologies headquartered in Schlieren in the canton of Zurich, has opened a new subsidiary in Poland, which will be responsible for manufacturing the new CE conformed ultrasound probe aiSon™ FOCUS in large numbers for sale across Europe.

Aison™ Technologies was featured at

Aison™ Technologies was featured at The article talks about the company’s milestones - the newly opened production facility in Poland, the CE conformity of its aiSon™ FOCUS adaptive ultrasound pad, and the successful seed-financing round.

Aison™ Technologies is ISO 13485:2016 CERTIFIED!

Aison™ Technologies is proud to announce that its Quality Management System has been certified to be fully compliant with the EN ISO 13485:2016 standard. Aison™ Technologies has been committed to developing high-quality, innovative solutions that unlock the true potential of ultrasound, while continuously improving its own operational processes and quality standards. This international certificate recognizes Aison™ Technologies for its dedication to the highest standards of quality, benefitting both patients and healthcare professionals.

ultrasound standoff pad

aison™ FOCUS got certified!

Aison™ Technologies is thrilled to share that the aiSon™ FOCUS received its CE conformity! Our adaptive ultrasound pad facilitates the acquisition of higher-quality images and provides easier identification of pathologies that strongly benefits doctors and their patients. The CE conformity proves our strong commitment to providing high-quality ultrasound solutions that benefit both patients and healthcare professionals! 

The award-winning research of Dr. Getzmann is now available to the public

Dr. Getzmann's award-winning research (collaboration with Aison™ Technologies) titled "Comparison of AI-powered 3D automated ultrasound tomography with standard handheld ultrasound for the visualization of the hands—clinical proof of concept" was recently published in the Journal of International Skeletal Society. The main objective of the research is to assess the ability of a newly developed AI-powered ultrasound 3D hand scanner to visualize joint structures in healthy hands and detect degenerative changes in cadaveric hands.

Commercial available solutions


The aiSon™ FOCUS’ adaptive shape ensures continuous contact with the anatomy and a full field of view during the whole procedure.


The aiSon™ FOCUS avoids the compression of the anatomy that could alter the diagnosis and reduces pain when scanning sensitive areas such as fractures or nerve lesions.


The aiSon™ FOCUS increases the patients’ comfort while gaining improved quality images.The pad also lessens frequent re-gelling resulting in an uninterrupted workflow, and reduces the use of gel to bridge uneven surfaces or as a standoff.

Precise 3D image creation

The aiSon™ 3D helps to surrogate parameter for rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis and increases image resolution.

AI-driven recognition of anatomies

The aiSon™ 3D has AI-driven robotic autonomous ultrasound scan that brings your ultrasound measurements to the next level and increases your diagnostic yield.


The aiSon™ STANDARDIZE will prompt you with standardized ultrasound images to interpret. As a result, you’ll be more productive because you’ll be able to reduce the amount of re-scans and patient wait times.


The aiSon™ STANDARDIZE will help in determining which body parts the ultrasound images belong to take less time. As a result, you’ll be able to devote more time to encouraging increased patient connection and more confident outcomes.

About the company

Aison Technologies strives to build innovative products that make your day-to-day sonography life easier. 

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