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Aison™ Technologies is thrilled to share that the aiSon™ FOCUS received its CE conformity! Our adaptive ultrasound pad facilitates the acquisition of higher-quality images and provides easier identification of pathologies that strongly benefits doctors and their patients.  The CE conformity proves our strong commitment to providing high-quality ultrasound solutions that benefit both patients and healthcare professionals.






Aison™ Technologies is proud to announce that its Quality Management System has been certified to be fully compliant with the EN ISO 13485:2016 standard.  The company has been committed to developing high-quality, innovative solutions that unlock the true potential of ultrasound, while continuously improving its own operational processes and quality standards. This international certificate recognizes Aison™ Technologies for its dedication to the highest standards of quality, benefitting both patients and healthcare professionals. 




Aison™ Technologies is very excited to announce that the aiSon™ FOCUS now officially has CE conformity status in the European Union! We continue with our efforts to make our products available to customers in an increasing number of geographies. Our adaptive ultrasound pad facilitates high quality images in both diagnostic and therapeutic applications, enabling easier, quicker, and safer procedures benefitting patients and healthcare providers alike. Furthermore, our strong commitment to the highest quality standards is reflected by the fact that, in addition to CE conformity, we are also an ISO 13485:2016-certified manufacturer.


Aison™ Technologies is participated at the International Diagnostic Course Davos (IDKD) 2022 in Davos, Switzerland. Showcasing its aiSon™ FOCUS, the world’s only adaptive ultrasound pad that facilitates the acquisition of higher-quality images and provides easier identification of pathologies that strongly benefits doctors and their patients.

Aison™ Technologies successfully closed 2nd financing round.   Thanks to our investors for helping their trust and support us to take a the next huge leap towards becoming the market leader in innovative technology that unlocks the true potential of ultrasound.

Dr. Getzmann’s award-winning research (collaboration with Aison™ Technologies) titled “Comparison of AI-powered 3D automated ultrasound tomography with standard handheld ultrasound for the visualization of the hands—clinical proof of concept” was recently published in the Journal of International Skeletal Society. 

The award-winning Passion

Learn how Dr. Jonas Getzmann won the renowned “International Skeletal Society’s Early Career Grant” for his research on 3D ultrasound tomography.

MEDICA 2021 event

A successful MEDICA 2021 for Aison™ Technologies’ aiSon™ FOCUS. With 14 deals to end the first day of the event. The aiSon™ FOCUS is an adaptive ultrasound pad that helps you to maximize the contact of the ultrasound head with your patient’s body.

Aison™ Technologies was one of the 12 finalists for the IFAS Innovation Challenge 2021, allowing us to present our aiSon™ FOCUS – adaptive ultrasound pad that helps to reduce patient’s pain during the ultrasound examination.

We are excited to announce that after completing the last steps of regulatory approval, the production of our exceptional aiSon™ FOCUS is ramping up. aiSon™ FOCUS is an adaptive ultrasound pad that can quickly be attached to the probe.

We’ve been in our new office with an integrated laboratory in Schlieren, Switzerland, since the beginning of June, where we’ll continue to develop and bring to market a range of solutions that accelerate your ultrasound procedures.

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