aiSon™ FOCUS

Ultrasound stand-off pad for better images.

Why aiSon™ FOCUS

avoid misdiagnoses

The aiSon™ FOCUS avoids missing vital information by not compressing the synovial fluid, or other pathological superficial fluid collections. 

improve the quality of diagnosis

The aiSon™ FOCUS’ adaptive surface helps to improve ultrasound image quality and enables examination of babies between 1 and 3, sub-cutaneous structures, and the Achilles tendon. 

pain reduction for the patient

The aiSon™ FOCUS simplifies the diagnosis in acute trauma with open or closed fractures when the affected area is sensitive to pain or nerve lesions.

fast scanning

The aiSon™ FOCUS enables fast scanning without regelling in all ultrasound specialties. 

Product reviews

"It's a very straightforward solution to get a stand-off pad to work with your probe. You just take it put it on the probe and it stays there."
Roman Guggenberger, MD
Section-Head Muskoloskeletal Radiology, Zürich, Switzerland
"The most interesting aspect is surely the better resolution, without changing technical parameters. Well, it's the best ultrasound standoff pad that I have so far tested in my career, and I have tested a lot and was never happy."
Experienced sonographer and trainer of MSK sonography
Zurich, Switzerland

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