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The world’s only adaptive ultrasound pad. 

Why aiSon™ FOCUS

Better images with ease

The aiSon™ FOCUS’ adaptive shape ensures continuous contact with the anatomy and a full field of view during the whole procedure. The pad moves effortlessly with the probe, always stays in place, and increases image contrast for clearer visibility of structures. 

Reduced pressure

The aiSon™ FOCUS avoids the compression of the anatomy that could alter the diagnosis and reduces pain when scanning sensitive areas such as fractures or nerve lesions. 

significantly less gel

The aiSon™ FOCUS increases the patients’ comfort while gaining improved quality images. The pad also lessens frequent re-gelling resulting in an uninterrupted workflow, and reduces the use of gel to bridge uneven surfaces or as a standoff.

easier interventions

The aiSon™ FOCUS provides a significantly better view in semi-sterile guided interventions where disinfectant is used instead of gel. When sterile conditions are required, a sterile probe cover can be placed on top of the aiSon™ FOCUS easily.

versatile applications

The aiSon™ FOCUS works with all customary ultrasound probes and can be used either as an adaptive pad or as a standoff pad. The pad is beneficial for innumerable specialties such as radiology, gynecology, angiology, anesthesiology, pain medicine, pediatrics, rheumatology, dermatology, emergency medicine, hand & plastic surgery, ENT, opthalmology, veterinary medicine, etc.

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