Maximize the diagnostic return from your ultrasound machine

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Aison Pad

Maximises ultrasound probe contact with skin. Moves together with ultrasound head. Robust.

Aison Pro

Precise 3D image creation and AI-driven recognition of anatomies.

Our company strives to build innovative products that make your day-to-day sonography life easier.

We're building products that range from being simple tools to applying the latest in medical technology and machine learning.

News and Events


Aison Technologies will be exhibiting at STIL EPFL 2021 - Salon des Technologies et de l'Innovation de Lausanne this April.

Radiology Magazine 1-2021

Check out the latest issue of the Radiology Magazine by Guido Gebhardt. On well-written 2 pages, you can get a concise overview of the Aison products (pages 50-51). Guido sheds light on new technologies available on the market.

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